Interview Training

Get the Interview; Get the Job and Own the Process Every Step of the Way!

Let’s face it, job hunting is stressful and nerve-wracking. You’ve got a LOT on the line personally and professionally. Rejection can be painful and the process can be slow.

Whether it’s your very first interview ever, the career-defining interview you’ve been waiting for, or if you feel it’s time to take control and start getting the call-backs and job offers you know you deserve, I can help.

My approach to Interview Skill Development is unique. I will take you through a proven, effective process developed over many years that covers everything from your resume (I don’t write or design resumes, but will guide you on how to include the right information the right way), defining and presenting your unique skill set to meet the needs of the job you’re applying for, to behavior, demeanor and body language.

I will ensure you’re comfortable with, prepared and rehearsed for every component of human interaction that could possibly take place in an interview.

You’ll become empowered and in control and own the process from the moment you walk in the room, until you’re offered the job.

My clients consistently see an immediate increase in both securing interviews and job offers. In fact, one of the most essential skills I help my clients develop is the ability to Turn Down job offers – knowing when it’s not a fit for YOU, and having the confidence to continue your search is critical.

Ready for the job or promotion you want and deserve? Let’s get started today! Call now: 802-878-8487